Aquilegia sp. – Columbine Fine Art Print.


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When my sister moved into her new house, she hired me to design the backyard. The design included an area for vegetables and fruit trees and the main garden was designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. After numerous hours of research in butterfly and hummingbird attractants I designed the garden. The research later became the book “Gardening for the Butterflies” which can be purchased on the website. After having her butterfly garden for a couple of years she said that each year the garden attracted different and more species of butterflies. Fine Art Prints start at $24.95. All photographs and digital images are ©Cheryl Ann Meola 2023. All Rights Reserved. Images displayed on this web site cannot be duplicated or copied. Need the Image as Stock? Click on Floral and Foliage Stock Photography for Purchase on this Website.


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Aquilegia sp. – Columbine Fine Art Print.Aquilegia sp. – Columbine Fine Art Print.